Thanks to Teddi and Bill Wohlford, we have established a tradition of cookie decorating with our LifeSpring friends. Two years in a row makes a tradition, right? Teddi and Bill give us all the gift of cookie decorating by providing all ingredients and the skill and time involved. Kam Cook, Anne Heath, Teddi Wohlford, and Renée Bennett made "lots of dozens" (a new "Anneism") of sugar and gingerbread cookies Monday afternoon. Teddi made the icing; we put out the sprinkles and decorated the tables with red and green M&Ms. We were ready for our friends; we were so excited.
There were 44, yes, 44, of us around the big square of tables in the Great Room. We were about half and half, HHBC members and friends. There were some stunning creations. Martha Kate Hall and Ruth DuCharme led us in Christmas carols and fun songs. We prayed together and some of our friends' young children sang for us as well. The children selected small gifts from under the Christmas tree. One of our friends said it was the first time she had ever decorated Christmas cookies! Bill Wohlford held a toddler for what Teddi says may be the third time in his life. Wimberely is a skilled babysitter, too. That really says it all about this new Christmas tradition of ours! Many thanks to the Wohlfords, Anne, Kam, Wimberley, Mimi, Gabrielle, Ella, Cara, Caitlyn, Erin, Martha Kate, Melody, Alison, Anna, Rachel, Mallorie, Emily, Homer, and all our LifeSpring friends!