Children's Sunday, November 8

On Sunday, November 8, we will observe Children’s Sunday. This day is set aside each year to place our attention on our church’s ministry to the children of Highland Hills and the children throughout our community. In our worship on this day we will celebrate as the
children share their gifts through song and word when we turn over the reigns of worship leadership to them.

The theme of this year’s service is Everywhere, Everything, and Everyone. We will look at the story of the widow who gave everything that she had in an offering to God. The Children’s Choir will sing a song about the ever-present Spirit of God with the song Everywhere I Go, and we will think together about everyone’s place in the family of God. This service will conclude with a baptismal service and communion.

Be present with us on this day of worship, and come with hearts ready to affirm the blessing that our children are to the life of this church.