A town hall/church conference/business meeting began with a session on Wednesday, October 21 for the purpose of reviewing and discussing the proposed 2016 budget and the proposed 2016 nominating committee report. Members asked questions and made recommendations to the proposed budget and nominating report.

During the session, church members were reminded that they would have the ability to vote on and elect up to seven new deacons on Sunday, November 1. At the conclusion of the October 21 session, the church ultimately voted to propose the attached revised budget and the attached revised nominating committee report to the church for their review and vote on Sunday, November 1. These attachments incorporate the revisions made during the meeting. The conference was suspended until Sunday morning, November 1, at which time the church conference will reconvene for the purpose of discussing and voting on the proposed revised budget and nominating committee report.

Click here for the 2016 Proposed Budget, Click here for the 2016 Nominating Committee  Report.