As our church family prepares to send a team to Slovakia in June, we want to keep you updated on the progress of the mission trip plans. The mission team of ten members will be serving with Dianne and Shane McNary, ministering among the Roma people, who live in poverty and experience discrimination in all areas of their lives.

Mission Team Members: Carol Brown, Steve Brown, Kam Cook, Jake Hall, Marsha Lewis, Paul Lewis, Cale Stich, Laura Ann Tatum, Ray Tatum, and Emma Tatum

Mission Projects: Projects will be finalized one to two months before departure. The team will most likely work in the following areas:

  • Teaching English in an all-Roma school
  • Nutrition and healthcare for women
  • Remodeling/painting building for Samuel Project (Roma preschool and community center)

To read a full update on the mission trip plans, click here or pick up a copy in the office. We will have several ways for our church family to participate in this mission endeavor. Watch for information about items to donate and ways to pray for the ministries in Slovakia.