On Sunday, March 29, we will celebrate Palm Sunday with Christians all over the world. This day marks the coming of Christ into Jerusalem to the shouts of Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
We want to add our voices with the voices of Christians everywhere with our shouts of praise and the waving of palms. This year we would like to invite all youth, children, and preschoolers to join in the procession. The children and older preschoolers will be brought from their Sunday School rooms to the front entrance of the church for the procession. We ask that the parents of younger preschoolers (2 & 3 yr. olds) pick up their children from their Sunday School class and walk with them during the procession. Participants who are not in Sunday School can meet us at the front entrance of the church by 10:50 a.m. After the procession and litany, the children will return to the preschool classes or to sit with their families.