Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Vision 20/20?

  • A process for discerning what God wants us to be and do.
  • “Appreciative Inquiry:” identifies and builds on an organization’s strengths.

What Are the Goals of Vision 20/20?

  • Clarify the congregation’s unique identity and giftedness.
  • Determine areas of focus to build upon the congregation’s current strengths.
  • Determine areas for future missions and ministry.
  • Develop ministry goals and action plans to guide the congregation in fulfilling its calling during the next 3-5 years.

Why Are We Doing It?

  • We have changed.
  • Our community has changed.
  • The world has changed.

Who Is Facilitating Vision 20/20?

How Are We Paying for It?

  • The Deacons authorized spending up to $10,000 from undesignated funds that were not part of the operating budget.

Will the Consultant Tell Us What to Do?

  • NO!  The consultant and leadership team together will design and implement a process through which the congregation will discern God’s will for us for the next few years.

How Will the Leadership Team Be Chosen?

  • Church members were asked to nominate up to three people they would trust to serve on the leadership team.  38 different people were nominated. 
  • The Deacon Officers took the list of nominees and worked prayerfully to create a pool that reflects the diversity of the congregation.  The officers are in the process of contacting those people and asking them to consider whether they are willing and able to serve.  We are requesting their answers by 22 August. 
  • Trusting in the working of the Spirit, we hope to end up with around 11 people from this pool of nominees.

What Is the Role of the Leadership Team?

  • Attend a day-long orientation at the beginning of the process 
  • Attend a writing retreat at the end of the process 
  • In consultation with the Dr. Wilson, design opportunities for the entire congregation to participate in the process.
  • Process the information gathered from those events and communicate the results to the congregation.

What Will the Process Entail?

  • Individual interviews
  • Congregational meetings
  • Forum with community leaders.

How Long Will It Last?

  • Most likely 4-6 months.

Takeaways:  Vision 20/20 is

  • A process not a program.
  • A matter of spiritual discernment.
  • The work of the entire congregation.

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