Sunday, December 10

Each year during the month of December we gather in the amphitheater to see and hear the nativity story. We see Mary, Joseph, the angels, the shepherds, the sheep, the donkey, the innkeeper, the wisemen, and of course the baby Jesus. After all, those are the characters of the Christmas story.

This year the tradition of gathering in the amphitheater and hearing the story continues, but this time the drama will look a little different. This Nativity Drama will be a present day telling of the story through the eyes of some homeless folks. Like Joseph, Mary, and Jesus, they have nowhere to go and no place to call home. In this story you’ll meet Marie, Joshua, Max, and some other characters that will help us see the story from a different point of view. Like the characters of Christmas, many feel unwanted and alone but even in their homelessness they find the true meaning of Christ coming to earth. Our own Ruth DuCharme wrote the script, so you know you’ll want to come and see it. Although there is no cost to attend the Nativity Drama, you will be given a chance to give to help the homeless community right here in Macon.

Most of us won’t have to worry about where we’ll be for Christmas this year or whether or not we’ll have something to eat. Join us in the amphitheater on December 10 and bring a friend. Gather with us as we experience the story of the nativity a little differently and have the opportunity to help out some less fortunate folks at the Hobo Hotel.