While there are children here who might prefer they be allowed to go to school barefooted, all of us have not just shoes to wear, but a choice of what pair to wear.

Unfortunately, children in povertystricken remote villages and slums of the third world begin each day with barely enough to wear, no clean water, and NO SHOES.

Why are shoes so important for them? Their bare feet are battered and torn from walking on rocks, through mud, and on hot desert sands. Infections, diseases, and parasites enter the body through their damaged feet. Jiggers are sand fleas that bore into vulnerable feet.

Sole Hope was founded to change the lives of these children in Uganda and provide a means of income for families in poverty. Sole Hope’s mission is “Offering HOPE, healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief.”

What can you do to help these children regain their childhood?

  1. Join us every Wednesday @ 5:00 p.m. for a Shoe Cutting Party where we will cut, package, and then send shoe uppers kits to Sole Hope headquarters in Salisbury, North Carolina for delivery to Uganda. Be sure to bring your own fabric-cutting scissors.
  2. Donate:
    a.Old denim jeans, extra-large safety pins and gallon Ziplock bags for shoe uppers kits
    b. Medical supplies for clinics - surgical gloves, cotton balls, medical tape, gauze, antibiotic cream, band aids, and stickers
    c. Money to fund the shoe-making project: (Make checks payable to HHBC and designate “Sole Hope Project”)
  3. Purchase items for Outreach House and the village clinics that are difficult to purchase in Uganda through Amazon.com (www.solehope.org  / click on “Take action” / scroll down to “Send Sole Hope Stuff from Amazon Smile”).

For more information about HHBC's participation, see the full article here or visit www.solehope.org.