Thank you to all who participated in last Sunday’s congregational meeting. If you were not able to attend, please be sure to obtain and turn in a Kool-AID sheet(s) to share your insights, as time constraints will not allow for a make up meeting. Sheets are available at the church or you can go to to download and print a copy. All who want to share insights are invited to do so.

Remember to focus on only ONE area of ministry/core value of HHBC per sheet. Use the prompts to stimulate your thoughts about what to keep, add, improve, or delete about that one ministry. You can address as many areas of church life as you want; just be sure to fill out a different Kool-AID sheet for each one.

Whether you are now filling out a Kool-AID sheet or you took any home on March 12, be sure to give your completed sheets to the church office or a Vision 20/20 team member by March 26.