We are moving from the past to the present as we continue Vision 20/20 — and we will be doing this in several steps. First, we devote Wednesday nights during Lent to speakers who will help us look through the window to see clearly what is happening in the Macon of the present. The first session, March 8, will feature President Bill Underwood of Mercer and Macon-Bibb Mayor Robert Reichert. Information on future Wednesdays will be forthcoming as speakers are confirmed.

Second, our next congregational meeting is set for March 12. We will again gather in the Great Room for a $5.00 lunch after worship, followed by a presentation and discussion around the tables facilitated by Bill Wilson. Be sure to register for lunch before March 8. You can call the church office or register online by clicking here.

We know that March 12 will be a busy day as our youth will have just finished March Mission Madness activities here in Macon. It is also time change Sunday. But do make an effort to be here— because we need to hear from all of you!

On March 12, we will look in a metaphorical mirror at ourselves here and now. We will review the core traits that the congregation identified from our experiences in the past. Then, using those core traits as a launching pad, we will identify areas about which we are most passionate. Finally, we will reflect on what we are doing now in those areas and how they can be improved. The Vision 20/20 team will use this information to identify the congregation’s priorities and will again report back for comment on what we have gleaned from the exercise. Plan now to be part of this session.