Caleb's Cup: College & Career

We've selected a coffeehouse sort of motif for the group, calling it Caleb's Cup: College & Career Ministry at Highland Hills... or "C4" (notice there are four of the letter C in the title). Most of us enjoy the atmosphere of a coffee shop —  relaxed, good coffee (or tea or juice), a nice pastry to go with it, and conversation among friends. That's the sort of feel C4 will offer.

Casual Conversation

Our first meeting will be Sunday morning at 9:45am, August 26, in one of the side rooms off of the Great Room. Just follow the smell of the coffee! Our Bible study time will be very conversational and casual... and we will provide fresh coffee and morning snacks each Sunday. David & Rejeana Cassady are our C4 leaders. Guests are welcome anytime.

Community Care

While C4 meets each Sunday during Sunday school, we will also gather from time to time for fellowships, sometimes at a restaurant, and sometimes at a home or a local event.


If you are attending college out of town, you can still participate in C4. We offer a Facebook page and a Twitter account you can follow (see links in the sidebar of this page), as well as this College & Career webpage. We will post news of upcoming events and fellowships through those avenues, as well as to your email inbox. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter right now (links are in the right sidebar). When you are home for a visit, we hope you will join us for C4 on Sunday mornings!

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