By Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, October 1, 2015

Every month I look forward to our taking communion together. It reminds us of one of the visible signs of the kingdom of God: table fellowship. It was a practice of Jesus with his disciples to gather for a meal. Jesus was also welcomed into the homes of reformed saints and purpose driven sinners alike. Pharisees and tax collectors, sinners, and saints all found some space at the Lord’s Table. The table draws us into the grace and welcome of God. It also reminds us to appreciate time. It is a blessing over our lives.

This Sunday is World Communion Sunday, a day that grew out of the ecumenical movements of the early twentieth century. Christian denominations around the world will break bread and raise the cup in remembrance of the Lord’s Table. One of the greatest lessons of the day is the call to savor those who share the table with us. 

I've been thinking about this word, savor. Recently Erin brought home a new book that seems to combine two of my interests. It is a devotional book with readings for each day, and it is a cookbook. It may be a recipe for faithful communion with its ingredients of God, food, and friends. The title alone is worth the price of the book: Savor: Living Abundantly by Shauna Neiquist.

Most of the time I think of savor as an adjective: "that meal was savory." That is if I stop long enough to enjoy and not merely consume what's on the plate.

Instead this devotional asks us to see the word as a spiritual imperative. It is a call to savor life as we might savor a fine meal: to enjoy and indulge and to faithfully engage life. The Lord’s Supper reminds us to savor this life we've been given.

Are you savoring your life or are you consumed by your consumption?