By Jake Hall 

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, 4/5/2015

Are you the kind of person that charts the most efficient route from point a to point b, or are you the kind of person that enjoys a meandering stroll?
Maybe walking is your morning ritual, a way to set the tone for the day. Walking could be your form of exercise; you hit the track at least three times a week for the good of your mind and your body. 
But the walk, or way, or rather the path, has been a metaphor for Christian living since the very beginning of the early church. Christians were called the people of the way. Tonight we will celebrate their walk and our walk. 
In the chapel, we will retell the story of the last night of Jesus with his disciples. We will celebrate communion and remember that time when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, in a sense, blessing the road ahead.
For one disciple, Peter, the walk from that table took him from cursing Jesus, to confessing Christ and on to committing his life to building up the church. Those movements inform our path tonight: confession and commission. Come and gather at the table of our Lord. Consider your walk as a disciple of Christ. Confess to God. Commit to what God as called you to do and who God has called you to be. 
We have prepared stations of reflection in the great room. Each station is themed towards confession or commission. Somewhere along the way, you'll be invited to take a walk on the labyrinth and prayerfully consider your walk with Christ. Our prayer is that you leave this Maundy Thursday ready to walk the path of Jesus anew. 
Come, let’s take a walk together.