By Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, 5/14/2015

Last week, the electric car company, Tesla, announced a new home battery system
capable of storing enough energy to power your home. The unit is capable of connecting to both residential solar systems and the traditional power grid. The Powerwall, as it is called, stores excess solar power for use when the sun isn't shining or stores cheap power from the grid when rates are low, allowing for use when rates rise. It is peace of mind for those whose power goes out every time there is a storm since it acts as a backup power supply without the use of a generator. At least once a week, I neglect to plug in my cell phone. How would I remember to plug in my house?

All of this talk about capacity, energy, and backups has me thinking of the many ways we treat our spiritual lives like we do our cell phones or gas tanks… in a perpetual state of near empty. We keep just enough reserve to get us through the next day, but never really stop to “top off” our reserves. God help us, we need that.

Keeping Sabbath is the answer to our spiritually redlined lives. Sabbath provides time to recharge and space to rest, building capacity for the days ahead. Sabbath connects you to something larger than yourself. Sabbath builds a network of community. Keeping Sabbath isn't about a list of dos and don’ts demanded by your grandmother. Sabbath is the answer you have been looking for to your overworked, scheduled, and spiritually drained lives.

It is up to you to remember to plug in and build your capacity for the sacred. No one can do it for you. Whatever the day of the week, make time to reconnect with God, your family, and with others.