By Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, 5/28/2015

Are your summer plans set? Summer is a contrast. There is both more time and even more to do! Summer booms with activity: HHBC Family Retreat, Jubilate, Mission Trip to Slovakia, family vacations, and summer camps. Summer also sees a slump in church attendance. Even though our days are longer and we have vacation weeks, it is more difficult to gather together, collaborate, and fellowship together. Are we too scattered to gather
together in worship and mission and service? The question is: what will we do with more time? 

Here are a few ways you might grow in discipleship this summer:

1) Join a Summer Sunday School Experience
One of the things I have noticed is that our Sunday School classes scatter for the summer. What if summer gave us permission to try something new for a few
weeks? This year our young adult class is hosting a HHBC on Facebook
Follow Us on Twitter summer series called “The Breakfast Club.” A few of our Sunday school classes will meet together in the Great Room for brunch and a series where we have fun with movies from the '80’s. This is a perfect time to jump into fellowship and Bible study in a casual way.

2) Plan for Summer Giving
As we scatter for the summer, summer financial giving slumps, even as our ministry expenses rise. The truth is, living in 2015 means there is no need for that. You can make plans for faithful giving. Consider scheduling your tithes and offerings through online banking or through our website. You may find it here:

3) Summer Devotions
Consider taking on a new family devotion for the summer. It won’t even take up any room in your luggage and you can even access it from any computer or smart phone. One simple devotional has an app and a webpage. You can find it here: You can take it with you wherever you go.

4) Try something new to build community
We have a great schedule of fellowship opportunities, from preschoolers to adults. We have book studies offered, with two of the most engaging books I’ve read in a while. Food for thought and conversations that challenge us. We have plans for a great Vacation Bible
School which means we have ways that you can serve. Think about how you might try something new this summer. Bring your child to events for preschoolers and children. Volunteer to support our youth. Ask how you can help with VBS.

What will you do with these longer days?