By Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, September 3, 2015

Sometimes, I am not as smart as my three-yearold. I'll explain. A few weeks ago, I was testing my son's ever expanding verbal skills, as we finished breakfast. I would ask him, "Where do you live?" He would get the answer right. "Macon, Georgia," he would say. "And where do you go to church?" I then asked. "Highland Hilllllllllls," he said. You should know that he draws out every "L" and adds a few more in that word. It is so southern, I was so proud. With two question answered correctly there was just one more question to make this proud pastoring papa beam and that is, "who is the minister at Highland Hills?" I waited expectantly, and wouldn't you know it, this question he got wrong... but really he got it right.

I expected him to say, "Daddy" or "Jake Hall" as he has just figured out that mommy and daddy also have names. Instead when I asked him, "who is the minister?" he said, "Cakey is my minister!" and he was right. Logan named, Caitlyn DuCharme, his teacher on Sunday morning and I was proud of my son telling the truth beyond the facts. I was proud of our church where men and women and clergy and laity serve together equally. Sometimes even the egalitarian-minded pastor needs to be reminded by this kid that minister doesn't mean mister. There is a place of service for all God's people at Highland Hills.