By Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, January 7, 2016

Amid the resolution and promise of the New Year, what is your New Year's prayer? Earlier this week, I came across this prayer from Ken Sehested in a little book titled, Living the Questions. His "Benedicere," adapted for the New Year, seems just right.

By Ken Sehested

May your home always be too small
to hold all your friends.
May your heart remain ever supple,
Fearless in the face of threat,
Jubilant in the grip of grace.
May your hands remain open,
Caressing, never clinched,
Save to pound the doors
Of all who barter justice
To the highest bidder.
May your heroes be earthy
Dusty-shoed and rumpled,
Hallowed but unhaloed,
Guiding you through seasons of tremor and travail,
Apprenticed to the godly art of giggling
Amid haggard news
And portentous circumstance.
May your hankering
Be in rhythm with heaven’s
Whose covenant vows
A dusty intersection with your own:
When creation’s hope and history rhyme.
May Hosannas lilt from your lungs:
Creation is not done
Creation is not yet done.
All flesh,
I am told,
will behold
Will surely behold…
What will you bear witness to in 2016? What will you behold?