By Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter June 2, 2016

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship named Highland Hills as one of the top one hundred giving churches across our fellowship in 2015. Your generosity for Missions makes an impact in our state and around the world.

As our primary global missions partner, The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship engages in three primary contexts: Global Poverty, Global Migration, and the Global Church. CBF participates in God's mission with and among the most marginalized and least evangelized people on Earth.

Highland Hills participates through our budgeted giving, as well as, the Offering for Global Missions. This offering "is the foundational means of support for CBF's mission enterprise, providing an array of tools and resources needed to live out the Fellowship's mission commitments of cultivating beloved community, bearing witness to Jesus Christ, and seeking transformational development."

Our partnership with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia supports ministries like March Mission Madness, the senior retreat and celebration, as well as, interfaith dialogues and scholarships for seminary and divinity school students. All of these things are made possible by collaboration. What we can do together across a larger network remains in creative tension with what we can accomplish together locally.

The greatest missions partner for Highland Hills is you. Local and special missions at HHBC works to educate and transform the lives of our neighbors. Your participation in this ministries creates the most impact.

Be a part of our upcoming Mission Macon. Attend the C.O.P.E. experience on June 12 and sign up for a site for Mission Macon. See what God may do through generous hearts and gifted hands.