by Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, March 2, 2017

For the next 40 days we will walk together as a community, remembering Jesus’ mission and ministry from wilderness to the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Along the way, we will note the people who followed Jesus by catching a vision for what the kingdom of God could be on earth. We will listen to and learn from their witness to the work of Jesus in their time.

Alongside this focus in worship, we will wonder too, about the opportunities we have in our own journey with Christ, here and now. Even as we explore the mission and ministry of Jesus in the first century, we will also explore our opportunities for mission and ministry here in Macon. In order to do that we will need a little help from our friends.

During the Lenten season, I, along with our Vision 20/20 team, have invited leaders in our community to come and speak to our congregation on Wednesday evenings. Each week during the Lenten season, we will hear from a different leader in our community about the life and vitality of Macon-Bibb through a series entitled, Macon Neighbors. This week Macon Mayor Robert Reichert and Mercer’s President Bill Underwood will join us. Over the course of these weeks, we will explore the opportunities for a congregation like HHBC, to participate in the life of our city and further discover our own mission and ministry in our time.

In addition to our Macon Neighbors series, there is another opportunity to hear from our Mission partners during Lent. On our website, you will find five interviews collected as a part of Rev. Erin Hall’s doctoral research. These podcasts each explore a neighbor
of Highland Hills, from new friends we have met through Tavernsong to recipients of Fuller Center Builds. Take the time to listen to our neighbors by streaming these stories and responding with the link provided below.

Listen by clicking here.

Together we might just discover a new sense of our vocation, “where the world's deep hunger and our deep gladness meet.”