By Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, April 27, 2017

Baptist News Global is a reader-supported, independent news organization providing original and curated news, opinion, and analysis about matters of faith. BNG covers the people, events, and ideas that are shaping American culture and Baptist life. They do so from a perspective that is Baptist in heritage and ecumenical in spirit.

Each year the Friends of BNG Dinner during the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly feature’s a creative approach to the faith-based news organization’s emphasis on hosting “Conversations that Matter.” This year, BNG will feature Gospel Gothic, our partnership between Highland Hills and 100.9 The Creek FM, as a “conversation that matters.”

The program for the June 29 event at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Atlanta will include a live concert and panel discussion on music and meaning in the Christ-haunted south. The program will follow the format of our weekly radio show broadcast from Macon, Georgia, that explores Christian faith through the themes of Americana music. The show during BNG’s dinner event will include an ensemble of Americana artists, providing live music that will be interwoven with a conversation among show producers Jake Hall and Keith Gammons, along with Brad Evans and Wes Griffith. The producers will discuss the radio program’s concept and its approach to engaging listeners around music and faith.

Tickets and table sponsorships for this event are available at This event is just one of the reasons you should plan to attend the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s General Assembly in Atlanta on June 26-30.