By Ruth DuCharme

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, July 27, 2017

Our recent Highland Hills Pool Party could have been classified as a flop. About the time that we made our arrival at the Highlands Pool, the thunder started to rumble and the lifeguard blew her whistle signaling that it wasn’t safe to be in the pool.

So we gathered our families under the shelter and spread out our picnic baskets. We broke bread and brownies together while we waited for the storm to pass so the splashing could begin. Just when we thought the storm was almost over, there would resonate another clap of thunder, which would result in another thirty minutes of waiting – it’s a pool rule.

As we began to think this party was ruined, the most beautiful double rainbow appeared in the sky. Its colors were bright and brilliant. It seemed so close we felt like we could almost touch it. The children jumped and clapped. The youth pulled out their phones to take pictures, and the adults, well, I think we did a little jumping and clapping, too. In those moments it felt like worship.

Sometimes God shows off for us, and reminds us of God’s mystery, power, and capacity for greatness. Too often we keep God in our little boxes, forgetting that God is holy and transcendent – the performer of miracles and creator of life! I think it is important that we never let our capacity for awe be diminished, because when we do, we are less than who we are designed to be.

I believe that our potential for spiritual growth is dependent on the time and energy we put into worshiping, praying, and aweseeking. If we want God to take us to new heights, then we have to do some reaching ourselves, or as the Irish band, U2, puts it, “If you want to kiss the sky; better learn how to kneel.”