By Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, April 19, 2018

A few weeks ago we reflected on a passage from John 12 where the crowds wondered about the voice of the Lord in the thunder. Last week we saw the communal grace in the lightning.... well, in Graced Lightning.

The day was perfect, as crowds gathered and families settled in on the hillside for the race. Highland Hills resurrected a racer that had been damaged and gathering dust. Thought the genius and giftedness of our members we brought the lightning and the thunder, so to speak. Chris Barton, Charlie Barton's son, donated the racer. Our thespian, poet, engineer, deacon, and legacy leader, Jeff Browne helped distill the theme. Ben Huston suited up and strapped in behind the wheel. David Gibson and his team painted the car and Erin Hawkins designed the graphics.

Highland Hills took first place in the Shadetree division and we are already talking about next year.

Enjoy the video below.