Pray for Our Family and Friends

On Going:  Renee Bennett, Charlie Bowdre, Nancy Brown, Sandra Brown, Tilly Corbin, Nell Fountain, Mike Fuller, Agnes Hatcher, Lyn Hicks, Steve Krysalka, Leah Leverett, Linda McCurdy, Warren Moncrief, Sam Pearson, Jackie Perry, Bess Shirley, Carol Slentz, Sandra Tucker, Lisa Walker, Bubba Wilson, Judy Wilson, Bill & Teddi Wohlford

Extended Family & Friends: Barbara Andrews (friend of the Trotters), Shawn Arnold (friend of Allen London), Cathy Baine, Helen Bridges, Grady Britt (Rachel Huston's uncle), Donnie Brown, Roy Brown (Mark Spivey's aunt's husband), Qutine Ciaramello (Betty Harrison's sister), Dan Dahl (Lyn Hicks' cousin), Bannie Edwards (grandmother of Lindsay Cunningham), Ann Evans, Druie Garrett (Betty Horton's brother), Monty Garrett (Betty Horton's brother), Jeffrey Glymph (Dianna Glymph's grandson), Chad Griffis (Donnie Griffis' father), Joyce Hadsell, Kelsey Hall (Jean Keene's great niece), Helen Harris (Ray Tatum's mother), Kaye Hiett (Sandra Tucker's sister), Betty Horton, Tyler Knight (Lyn Hicks' grandchildren's cousin), Logan Lengel (Linda Fuller's son), Bill Livingston (Carolyn Brown Livingston's husband), Tressie Manderson (Sharon Galyean's mother), Steve Nettles (Ann Stewart's son-in-law), Peggy Outlaw (Peggy Williams' sister-in-law), Arnall Page (son of John & Myrtle Page), Elise Shadinger (Sylvia Bridges’ niece), Mallory Smith (Susan Patterson's daughter), Joe & Frances Trotter (Tim's parents), Willene Viglione (Betty Harrison's sister), Jackie Wade (Jean Trotter's uncle), Emily Wilkinson (Ben Browne's friend), Jan Young (Bobby Wells' sister)