The six initiatives that emerged as God spoke through the congregation represent the destination of the church over the next few years. However, they do not tell us how to get there. Put differently, they tell us we are heading for Orlando, but they do not tell us how we are getting there. Are we going by plane, train, or automobile?

Over the summer, the church staff, Vision 20/20 team members, and a few others have formed design teams have been working on the how. They are drawing up initial plans for putting meat on the bones of the six initiatives. The design teams for the initiatives are: Vital Worship, Intentional Faith Development, Radical Hospitality, Risk-Taking Missions, Passionate Community, and Generous Stewardship.

On September 10, we will present our final report at a congregational meeting after worship and a lunch. We will set out those plans and give you opportunity to meet with each of the design teams and say how you will be part of the future.

Here’s what you can do now:

Mark your calendar now to be part of that event. Study the initiatives. Which one (or ones) excite you? Prayerfully consider where your deep sense of gifts, calling, and joy meets the world’s great needs. Continue to pray over the summer for the Vision 20/20 team as we work on more details to be announced on Sept. 10.