Sunday, September 10

We will gather on September 10 for a final Vision 20/20 congregation-wide meeting after worship. We will again begin with a simple lunch that will be followed by a presentation of the final report from the Vision 20/20 team. In the report, we will set out action plans for each of six initiatives. Finally, everyone will be given an opportunity to meet with each design team in a “fair” setting to explore how you will be part of HHBC’s future.

Recall that, as a congregation, we have discerned that God is calling us over the next few years to engage in vital worship, intentional faith development, radical hospitality, risk-taking missions, passionate community, and generous stewardship. Over the summer, the church staff, Vision 20/20 team members, and a few others have formed design teams to work on specifics. Now it is time to move from discernment to action.

In preparation for this meeting, study the initiatives and prayerfully consider which one(s) match up with your gifts, calling, and joy.

And don’t forget to make reservations for lunch, either by calling the church office, emailing or signing up online by clicking here.