Things may have gone quiet, but be assured that work on implementing Vision 20/20 continues. The deacon officers, along with Jake and Paul Lewis, are serving as the de facto coordinating group and are working to begin aligning the Nominating Committee report and the new budget with the Vision 20/20 initiatives.

The Nominating Committee is drawing from the names of those who signed up for different ministry teams/projects on September 10. We are working to identify ministry leadership teams for the six initiatives. The teams, along with existing committees and organizations will be charged with implementing the various goals that were set out in the final Vision 20/20 report.

If you have not signed up for a team/project, it is not too late to do so! You can sign up for one (or more) of the teams, indicate your interest in being the leader of that team, or simply participate in one (or more) of the activities, by signing up at the link below. We also have paper forms at the church.

If you have not yet read the final report, it is available in the magazine rack in the main hallway of the church or for download by clicking the link below.

Download Vision 20/20 Final Report

Sign up for a Ministry Team