Sunday, August 19

For our children, celebrating birthdays and graduations is a big part of growing up. They look forward to these and other milestones with joy and eagerness. The preschoolers, children, and youth of Highland Hills get that same feeling when Promotion Sunday rolls around.

Sunday, August 19, is Promotion Sunday for our church. On this day, our students will begin the morning in their current Sunday School classes, and then at 10:30 a.m. we will promote those who are going into new classes and departments.

A highlight of this day will take place in worship when we present our first graders and seventh graders with a new Bible. Children and youth in this age group are taking giant steps into new ministry areas of our church. We like to mark this occasion with the gift of a new Bible from our congregation.

Also during worship on this Sunday, we will have a Blessing of Students. Preschoolers, children, and youth are encouraged to bring their school backpacks to worship for a time of individual blessing and to receive a gift to carry with them throughout the school year.