Micah Project: Schools

We celebrate as another year of tutoring with Martin Luther King Elementary school has come to an end for the school year. We will offer Teacher Appreciation gifts to the teachers at this partnership school and develop a “wish list” of items from the teachers for next year.

Micah Project: Housing

We are invited to participate in an exciting week of service with Rebuilding Macon in Kings Park. This organization is hosting a week-long event in June and would love some help. Rebuilding Macon will welcome teens from across the Southeast to work on roofing, painting and trash removal in Kings Park neighborhood. GA Power and local high schools will also be participating. Any skilled adults or high schoolers from HHBC are welcome to volunteer at these sites, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, June 24 - 28. Please email Erin Hall for more information.

Micah Project Neighborhoods

HHBC is happy to continue our relationship with our neighbors. The Shirley Hills Neighborhood Association and the North Highlands Neighborhood Association will join together for a gathering with Highland Hills and Historic Macon. These neighbors are coming together in a neighborhood historic home on May 16 to meet each other, share refreshments, and hear how we might collaborate for “the good of the city.” (Jeremiah 29:7) We look forward to seeing what God can do through neighbors knowing one another better.