Gloria Marshall and Kam Cook provided a salad bar lunch for the staff at Martin Luther King Elementary School during their post-planning on Tuesday, May 28th. Mrs. Bush, the MLK Teacher of the Year, was most appreciative of the gift certificate HHBC gave her. The American Market Association reports the average teacher spends $500.00 - $1,000.00 out of pocket for basic school supplies. The Communities in Schools found that more than 90% of teachers in lower-income schools have to buy school supplies for students whose parents can’t afford even the basics. MLK has one of the highest rates of poverty in Bibb County. MLK teachers and staff were given a questionnaire asking how HHBC might help next year with out-of-pocket expenses. They were also given the opportunity to provide a Wish List (materials, equipment or assistance) to better equip them to teach. Mrs. Chiquita Glover, Coordinator of Volunteer Services at MLK, said she and others on the MLK staff will attend HHBC sometime during the summer to show their appreciation for our support this past year. Please give them a warm welcome.