Recognizing that God is the ultimate Cure Giver, the Mission of the Highland Hills Baptist Church Stephen Ministry is to serve God and bring Christ’s healing love to individuals who are experiencing life’s challenges through confidential, non-judgmental, one-on-one Christian care.


The Caregiver’s Compass is a visual reminder of the character of a Stephen Minister. It serves as a guide to help Stephen Ministers chart our courses in our caring relationships. The symbol at the center of the Caregivers Compass is Chi Rho, a symbol for Jesus. Our central concern as Stephen Ministers is to pay constant attention to our relationships with Jesus Christ.

The four points of the compass point to four important characteristics of caregivers: Stephen Ministers lead a Christ-centered life filled with Compassion, Trustworthiness, Faith, and Skill. As Stephen Ministers, we all have the gift of a compassionate heart for those who are hurting; we have been equipped with caring ministry skills to provide Christ-centered care; we are trustworthy and we trust and have faith that Christ, working through the Holy Spirit, will use our training, knowledge, faith, love, compassion, and skills to glorify God and to accomplish what is best in the lives of our care receivers. God uses caregivers with these characteristics to bring Christ’s healing and wholeness to others. God is the Caregiver; we are the Caregivers.