Garrison Keillor said, “Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.” When the children of Highland Hills gather at our church they are constantly absorbing what it means to be a follower of Christ. Through Bible study they are learning the love story of God. Through choir they are learning the songs and stories of our faith. Through mission classes they are learning to express and share their faith. The work that we do with children is never wasted time, but a way to build stepping stones of faith within their lives.
On Children’s Sunday, we get to see, hear, and feel the way that God is touching the lives of our children. We get to see them express their faith as they sing songs of praise and offer prayers of hope. We get to turn over the reins of leadership on this Sunday so that our children can know the joy and responsibility of worship.
Join us on Sunday, November 10 during the morning worship hour as our children lead us into God’s presence. Let us surround them with our support and our prayers as we reaffirm our commitment to raising children in the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ, knowing that nothing we do for these precious souls is ever wasted.