By Cass DuCharme      

I'm a numbers guy. For some reason I have an easy time memorizing numbers. Phone numbers, birthdays, addresses, you name it, I usually have no problem saving them in the old memory bank. I guess my business degree helps a little and being a minister of music always comes in handy when numbers are involved; although most of the time I usually only count to four and occasionally six.


You may be wondering why I'm talking about numbers today. Well it's because of today's date. As you all know, today is October 11, 2012, or as we business folks say, 10-11-12.


Numbers are used in a lot of different ways but they are usually used to help us keep track of things. They help us know what day it is, they help us keep our checkbooks straight, they help us know if we'll need a sweater today, and they help us know whose team is in the top ten, sorry about that. Numbers are a wonderful thing.


As the minister of music, numbers help me not only keep the beat in the music, they also help me set the tempo and the rhythm of each piece. As I learn each score, two of the first things I look at are the meter and the tempo markings. Those numbers help me express what the composer wrote and how the music is to be played or sung. Each singer, whether choir or congregation member, and accompanist must stay with the tempo and rhythm of the piece to keep it together and make the music sound beautiful.


Our church is a lot like that. We use the numbers written in our yearly budget to set the tempo and the rhythm of the church. They are not just numbers on a piece of paper. They are spiritual markings. Each one is important and each one is significant in God's kingdom. It takes all of us, sharing our gifts, to keep the "music" and life of the church going. This month we're asking you to put some numbers on a piece of paper to help the kingdom's work. Please prayerfully consider what you can give.


Ten-eleven-twelve; not just numbers on a piece of paper, but a new day that God has given us to share. Now I'm looking forward to November 12th of next year....