By Brett Younger        


Why do we come to church each Sunday? If we come to be entertained, then we should look for a new pastor who juggles chainsaws. If we are here for help with personal problems, then we need to recognize that therapy might be more useful. If we come in order to feel happy, then sleeping in with a good book might be a better choice.


The most important reason for coming to church is God. There are secondary purposes-being together, building a community, sharing concerns-but first and foremost we come to give ourselves to God or we are missing the point.


We need God because we are lost without God. We need something bigger than we are. Some mornings I look at my list of things to do and realize that I will not get it all done. Those are not the bad days. On the really bad days, I come to the end of the day and see that I have done everything that I set out to do, and it did not make any difference. When I try to find meaning in what I can achieve I see that my meager accomplishments are not nearly enough. I need more. We come to church to remember that we are part of something older than we are, smarter than we are, and better than we are.


When we truly worship we stop trying to fit God into our lives and discover the wonder of seeing ourselves in God's life. We see the possibilities beyond self-fulfillment.


In a sermon at Riverside Church in New York City, Ernest Campbell preached: "To be young is to study in schools that you did not build. To be mature is to build schools in which you will not study. To be young is to sit under trees you did not plant. To be mature is to plant trees under which you will not sit. To be young is to dance to music you did not write. To be mature is to write music to which you will not dance. To be young is to benefit from a church you did not make. To be mature is to make a church from which you might not benefit."


We come to Highland Hills on Sunday, both young and mature, to give ourselves to God, to be part of the hope that is bigger than we are.