By Cass DuCharme   

The words "thank you" never seem to say enough when you've been given a gift like I've been given. For the past 20 years, the Highland Hills family has allowed me the opportunity of being me and of helping lead this wonderful family of faith. That, in itself, is truly a precious gift.


However, this past Sunday the church went overboard in celebrating my 20th Anniversary. As Gerald would say, "I was overcome" by all of the love, kind words, and gifts given to me from the beginning of the service to the end of the dinner on the grounds. I know that a lot of hard work went in to planning this special day. I would like to thank all of you who had a part in making it so.


To the youth, I would like to say thank you for always putting up with me and pretending to listen to what I say. Thank you, too, for the beautiful photo album you gave me. I treasure the memories each picture holds. You are so much fun to work with. I love your energy and enthusiasm for the Lord and our Youth Group.


To the choir, I would like to say a lot of things but I'll save that for rehearsal time. I would like to thank you for your love for the Lord, the music of the church, and your dedication to the choir of Highland Hills. I love my new music stand and I thank you for this generous gift. I look forward to using it as we continue to share the music of the church together.


To Timothy Lewis, Betty Harrison, and Milburn Price, I say thank you for all of the kind words you shared on my behalf. I'll pay you later. By the way, it was a special treat for me having Dr. Price here to share in worship and to speak words of encouragement. I am grateful to him for taking the time to be a part of this special service.


To all of you who had anything to do with the planning of the service and the dinner on the grounds, I say thank you. Many of you spent long hours making this day one that I will never forget.


To the staff of our church, I want to say thank you for all you do day after day, week after week, to make our church the wonderful place it is to worship and work. Ruth, Carol, Gerald, Jennifer, Billie, Debbie, Charlie, Homer, Brenda and Brett, what a joy it is to serve our Lord with each of you.


And finally, to Caitlyn and Chase, thank you for singing so beautifully in the service. I am so proud of you both and I appreciate you letting me be your dad and your minister.


Well, I guess I've said thank you enough for now. Please know that I love you all and I thank you for loving me.