by Cass DuCharme


You may remember, a few weeks ago I wrote an article about my red truck and how dirty it had gotten during pollen season. Here’s another story about it. I never knew there were so many life lesson learned from driving a truck.

Every little boy dreams of driving a truck. As a child I too had always wanted to drive a truck when I got old enough. When I turned 40, my dream came true.

Eleven years ago, I bought my red truck. My son Chase was 5. When I bought the truck, I told Chase that when he turned 16 the truck would be his. Three weeks ago Chase turned 16. I’m not sure exactly where those eleven years have gone but here we are and “my” truck is now Chase’s, at least to a point. You see I haven’t replaced my truck yet so we are sharing it. Or better said, I’m driving it whenever Chase lets me.

As I thought about my, I mean, Chase’s truck, I began thinking about our church. 59 years ago this week, five couples got together to talk about starting a church on this side of the river. You know the story, they met at the Register’s home to dream, pray and plan. They decided it would be a Baptist church, they called their neighbors and invited them to join them. They first met at a few venues around town, and then they bought some property, called some ministers, built some buildings, and rest, as they say, is history.

Our church, like my truck, started out as a dream and that dream became a reality. Now I mean the church no disrespect when I compare it to my truck but you need to understand that I LOVE my truck. The thought of passing it on to someone else is hard. But, that’s like our church too, isn’t it? Many of those early dreamers have gone on to their reward and others are carrying on in their place. Ministers and church leaders have come and gone and although they left indelible marks here, others are leading us today. We are even more aware of this process today, since we are in a time of interim and seeking a new pastor.

As we embark on our 60th year of ministry, and celebrate everything that Highland Hills means to each of us, my prayer is that we continue to dream, continue to pray, and continue to seek God’s guidance as we serve today and face the future together. By the way, since Chase is now driving, I’m looking for some cheap transportation because I used to drive a red truck.