by Carol Brown


I was only eight years old when Diana Ross released the single "Reach Out and Touch," but in the years since, the hit song has been performed by numerous singers and groups in an effort to encourage us to offer help and hope to our fellow man.

The Motown hit asks us to "Reach out and touch somebody's hand; make this world a better place if you can." Last Sunday afternoon, a crew of about 40 Highland Hills members cut their Sunday afternoon naps short and showed up in the Great Room to make the world a better place by participating in Touch Ministry. While some participants admitted that they came for the hot dogs and chips, most said that they were motivated by the opportunity to offer encouragement and a positive word to someone in need.

Touch Ministry, which has been a part of our church's outreach plan for years, was reactivated this month by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic leaders. When we arrived in the Great Room at 4:30 on Sunday afternoon, we found tables designated for writing notes to those who need encouragement, visitors and church prospects, community members in the news, and those who are unable to attend church. The leaders had provided all the necessary supplies including really cute notecards, address lists, new pens that write well, newspapers, and phone books. All we needed to do was choose a table and get to work.

As I wrote notes to young couples who have visited our church recently, I listened to the laughter and friendly banter that filled the room, and I was reminded again that Highland Hills is a great place to be. I offered encouragement to others, but I also received encouragement and my spirits were lifted by spending the afternoon with 40 fun people who were willing to reach out and touch somebody's hand.