by Ruth DuCharme


This past weekend, Cass and I were invited to represent Highland Hills at the annual gathering of the Mercer University President’s Club.  We were there to receive a certificate on your behalf as Highland Hills was inducted as a Lifetime Member of the President’s Club for reaching the $100,000 giving level.  Yes, it sounds a bit prestigious, but more than that it shows our commitment to higher education, to theological education, and to helping students fulfill their potential.  As we received the certificate we stood along side representatives from First Baptist Church of Christ in Macon and First Baptist Church in Griffin.  We were in good company.

Over the weekend there were two events to celebrate the gathering of individuals and churches that are a part of this giving community.  Cass and I enjoyed spending time with former seminary and college professors.  We reminisced about days spent together, talked about our families, and shared about our hopes and dreams for the future.  Time was also spent with ministers from other churches, many whom also find themselves in a time of interim.  We shared with each other our hopes and dreams for our churches.  We were in good company.

As I looked around the room at these events, I quickly came to realize that Highland Hills had the largest number of people present from one church.  Many of them were working to make sure that the event ran smoothly.  Others were present as administrators and others as supporters.  It was a bit like a family reunion as we came together.  We were so proud of our Highland Hills gathering that we decided to pose for a picture together.  We were in good company.

Each Sunday and Wednesday we gather at Highland Hills to study God’s word, to offer our worship to God, and to share in meaningful fellowship.  We embrace each other, and we share with each other our hopes and dreams.  The gathering of our Highland Hills family is a sacred time, and when I come away from these times I rejoice that I have been in very good company.