by Cass DuCharme

My calendar says that today, March 20, the day I’m writing this article, is the first day of spring. However, I think spring arrived a couple of weeks ago. Now don’t get me wrong, I love spring. Everything is in bloom, the cherry blossoms have arrived, and the Cherry Blossom Festival is in full swing. But, my allergies are also back, and pollen is everywhere.

Speaking of pollen, a few weeks ago my truck was red, now it’s a dingy yellow. Although I’ve tried to clean it, the pollen makes it impossible to keep it clean for very long. There’s no avoiding it. Even though I park my truck in our garage, the pollen has a way of finding it and messing it up again. That’s the way spring is, isn’t it? In order for the beauty of the season to bloom, the “ugly” of the pollen process has to take place.

We see the same thing happening in our lives during the season of Lent. Although the beauty of Easter is on the way, we must first endure the “pollen” of Lent, there’s no avoiding it. Throughout these 40 days we confess our sins, humble our lives, and remember the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf. We try to clean ourselves off, but then we find that even if we park in the garage, we only get dirty again.

As we know from past seasons, spring has a way of cleaning itself off though. The spring rains will be here soon and wash all the pollen away so that the true beauty of the season can be revealed. Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection on Easter have the same effect on Lent. In a couple of weeks the beauty of Easter will be revealed once again and wash the pollen of Lent away. 

I still drive a red truck, it’s just covered with ugly pollen. On Easter morning, when I drive my truck to the Sunrise Service, I hope that all of the pollen of the season is gone and that the true color of my truck is revealed once again. I also hope you’ll be there with me as we celebrate together a “pollen” free Easter Sunday.