By Cass DuCharme

Do you remember the summers that were three months long and every day was an adventure into something new? Think back with me for a moment, if you will. The summers I remember started the first week of June and went until the first week of September. We spent all day outside riding our bikes, playing in the yard, and eating ice cream sandwiches. At church, Vacation Bible School was two weeks long and we traveled on an unairconditioned bus for mission trips and choir tours.  Summer vacations consisted of traveling in a hot car from Florida to Maine to visit my dad’s family. (Think Norman Rockwell) Yeah, it was hot, but we didn’t care. The memories I have of those summers, way back when, are some that I’ll cherish forever.

Diamond Rio, the country band, has a song entitled “Sweet Summer.” The song talks about the “cool” memories of summers gone by, of ice cream trucks playing their music throughout the neighborhood, of summer barbeques, and of playing outside “till your momma called you home.” Of your first love…well, we’ll stop right there. Anyway, those childhood summers were filled with fun and laughter.

Today’s summers may be a little different for our children but they are still filled with fun and laughter. Children are still playing hard, although it’s probably inside in front of the TV. They’re still going on long vacations, although they’re probably riding in an air conditioned vehicle with a DVD player. They’re still going to Vacation Bible School, although it’s only one week long. And they’re still going on mission trips and choir tours, although, their bus is a little cooler, usually. Summer is still a blast for the kids of today, although it may be a bit shorter.

We’re going to be making some memories at Highland Hills this summer that the children and youth of our church will remember forever. Our children will be going to Sea World to sleep with the dolphins. (How cool is that?) They’ll be going to Children’s Camp at Lake Sinclair and they’ll be attending Vacation Bible School. (Just one week though.) Our youth will be traveling with the Jubilate choir on our annual summer tour and going to PASSPORT Averett in Virginia. You can help make this summer a little sweeter for our children by volunteering to help in VBS and by keeping them in your prayers as they enjoy the sweet days of summer. You can help our youth by attending their Jubilate concert on Wednesday, June 20 at First Baptist Church, Macon and by housing some of the visiting youth that night in your home.

Another sweet summer is planned at Highland Hills. I hope the air conditioning is working, because it’s gonna be a hot one.