by Carol Brown 

The good part is that I am writing this from St. Simons of my favorite places. Steve has a conference at Sea Palms this week and I am tagging along to enjoy a post-graduation break. During the chaos of graduation celebrations for Hudson and study abroad preparations for Burgess, I reminded myself often that relaxing days on the beach were just ahead. Well...


The bad part is that tropical storm Beryl is visiting St. Simons Island with us. Beryl hit land yesterday afternoon and we have had steady rain all day today. The storm is not expected to wreak too much havoc, but it will put a damper on my plans to sit for hours on the beach with a good book.


Sometimes we have to take the bad with the good. But the good is still good. I'm still in a beautiful resort overlooking the marshes of Glynn. I'm still making plans to eat crab cakes and sweet potato fries at Gnat's Landing. The good is still good.


God doesn't promise that life will be all good. But even when sprinkled with difficulties and disappointments, the good is still good. Sometimes we can only truly appreciate the good times of life when we have been through some bad times. If the sun breaks through later this week and I am able to sit on the white sand listening to the waves, I will appreciate a day of clear blue skies all the more because of the days of rain that preceded it.


When the bad times in life come our way, and they surely will, we can look forward to the sweetness of the good times that will come again eventually. Because sometimes we have to take the bad with the good, but the good is still good.