By Cass DuCharme


I am a creature of habit. I like my routine and have a hard time adjusting to situations outside of it. However, I also love the summer, even with its unique schedule. Summers do that to us don't they? They take us out of the ordinary days of life and our routines. Kids get to sleep in late, families get to go on vacation, church groups get to go play with dolphins, go to camp, go on choir tour and go on mission trips.


A lot has been planned for our church this summer but even these plans will be a little out of the ordinary. For instance, on Saturday, Jennifer Eadie, Neil Heath and I will be taking our youth choir on the Jubilate Summer Tour. We'll travel from Macon to Clemson to Atlanta to Birmingham and back to Macon. We'll share our music with church groups, senior adult communities and a medical facility. Our tour will end next Wednesday night, June 20 with a concert at FBC Macon at 6:30. There will be no church activities at Highland Hills that night so that we can all be a part of the Jubilate experience. We're also looking for some of you to house some of the youth and adults from the visiting youth choirs. I know that this is a little out of the ordinary but I hope you'll adjust and make it a part of your schedule for next week.


Even with the unique summer schedule, I hope that one thing you continue to make part of your routine is Sunday morning Sunday School and Worship. I know that having different preachers week after week is a little out of the ordinary, but the church members who have been preaching for us have done and continue to do a great job. Our worship services remain reverent and warm and a vital part of who we are as a family of faith. Sunday mornings are a little out of the ordinary right now but I hope you'll adjust and make them a part of your weekly schedule.


This summer, make sure that you are a part of all that's going on at Highland Hills as we step out of the ordinary and make it extraordinary. See you next Wednesday night at FBC Macon at the Jubilate Concert.