By Ruth DuCharme  



I love celebrating the gift of new life. This year the Sprayberry clan, that is my extended family, has experienced the joy of new life three times over. We have welcomed three new baby boys into our family during 2012. First there was baby Houston who was born in January. Houston was followed by baby Henry and baby Asher who were born four days apart in July.


Over the Labor Day weekend I was able to spend time with my family. It was quite fun to have all three babies in the same house at the same time. They soaked in our attention and affection. We passed them around so that we could each connect with them and shower a few kisses on their sweet foreheads. They are three boys who are very much loved and whose new lives are a gift to our family.


My three great-nephews are a reminder to me of the joy that can be ours when we experience new life. Not just new life that comes to us in the form of a new family member, but new life that comes to us through Christ. New life is what Christ came to give us - life that is filled with meaning, grace, and compassion. It is the kind of life that you want to tenderly hold onto. You want to connect with it. You want to pass it around. You want to celebrate it.


There are reminders of new life all around us. My reminder came in the form of three baby boys. What are the reminders that God is sending you? Is God showing you grace through forgiveness? Is God showing you compassion through a caring friend? Is God opening new life to you through the study of Scripture? Look around you for the signs of new life, and allow them to be God's way of saying to you personally, "I came that YOU may have life, and have it abundantly!"


I will keep looking around me for signs of new life. As a matter of fact, we expect new life to arrive again in the Sprayberry family when Sofia Grace arrives in January of 2013!