By Carol Brown  


My cup runneth over...with grace, generosity, and gratitude. After spending the weekend at Epworth by the Sea on the Women's Retreat, my mind and body are rested and my heart is filled with God's goodness.


We explored our theme for the retreat, "Fill my Cup," through Bible study sessions, creative spirituality (artsy-craftsy stuff), and private prayers and reflections. We were restored and renewed by many spiritual moments, but one of my favorite experiences was time spent laughing with a group of women as we played a late night game of Catch Phrase. Laughter, complete with tears running down my face, does as much to renew my soul as times of spiritual reflection.


When we weren't laughing or eating, we were worshiping. The spiritual highlight of the weekend for many of us was the worship service on Sunday morning. Each woman received a printed invitation under her door on Saturday night that simply said, "There's a place set for you at the Lord's table." When we entered our meeting room on Sunday morning, we found a long table set with tablecloths, candles, and a place carefully prepared for each one of us. As we shared communion with one another around that table and sang "Amazing Grace," I felt God's presence in the room and saw God's goodness on the faces of my sisters in Christ.


We don't have to travel to St. Simons Island to find God's goodness... God's grace and goodness are all around us. When we share communion, study God's Word, or just enjoy a good belly laugh with a friend, we can feel God's presence and know that our cups runneth over.