By Carol Brown  


If you ask any of the children in our church why they like Fall FamilyFest, they will probably tell you it's the inflatables or the sno cones or the hayride. All of those things are favorites of mine, too, but if you ask the adults why they like Fall FamilyFest, they will probably say it's the atmosphere. It's that crisp, fall afternoon and cool early evening spent in the company of some of your favorite people. It's the relaxed, family vibe, where you know you can let your children play with their friends for hours without worry. It's a chance to shoot the breeze with a senior adult or teenager while working a shift at the moonwalk. And, of course, it's also the hope that you just might win the best-looking cake in this year's cakewalk!

So, whether you come to Highland Hills' Fall FamilyFest for the inflatables or the atmosphere, I hope you will not miss a moment of this year's event. We're predicting an afternoon of perfect fall weather on Saturday, October 26 from 4:00 until 7:00, so come join the fun! In addition to all of the fun and games, this year's Fall FamilyFest promises to be even more exciting than usual. This year, we will be welcoming Jake, Erin, and Logan Hall, our new pastor and his family. Although Jake will officially begin his duties the next day, the Fall FamilyFest will be his real initiation into the family. He will be milling around, getting to know folks, sampling the sno cones, and finding out what it means to be a part of the Highland Hills family.  

Let's show Jake, Erin, and Logan one of the best ways to spend a crisp, fall afternoon in October...eating too much cotton candy and soaking up the atmosphere at the Fall FamilyFest.