By Cass DuCharme

For the past twenty months, our church has been going through what we call an interim period, which simply means "an intervening time." Life is filled with interims, isn't it? We often find ourselves waiting for the next chapter of our lives to begin. If I can just get my baby to sleep through the night...if we can just get the kids through school (my personal interim)...if we can just get to retirement...

No matter what our personal interim, life continues to go on. The church is no exception. Although we haven't had a pastor, our church has continued to grow, minister, love, care, baptize, and thrive. I want to thank some people who have helped us continue our mission in this community and around the world during this time of interim.

To Brenda, Homer, and Charlie, I want to say thank you for all you do to keep our church looking beautiful day after day. Your faithfulness, helpful attitudes, and bright smiles truly keep the doors of the church open.

To Debbie and Billie, thank you for your efficient work ethic. You have kept the church running like a well-oiled machine. Your kind words of welcome when you answer the phone or open the door lift the spirits of all you care for at Highland Hills.

To Gerald, Carol, and Ruth, thank you for your ministries to our church that are so invaluable. Your ministries of leading in worship, working with children, editing and writing the newsletters, and leading spiritual formations often go unnoticed because you do them so well. Your tireless dedication to our Lord and this church, however, does not go unnoticed.

To Brett, I say thank you for challenging this church family through your thought provoking and inspirational sermons. Planning worship with you week after week has truly been a blessing. You will be missed.

To our deacon body, I say thank you for shepherding this good flock. Your words of encouragement and actions of mercy have blessed me and all to whom you minister.

To the Interim Search Committee and Pastor Nominating Committee, thank you for all of the long hours, hard work, and diligence you put in to secure leadership and to find Jake Hall. Your hard work has definitely paid off.

Finally, to the congregation of Highland Hills, thank you for being faithful in giving of your time and your resources. Thank you for stepping in and helping to pick up the slack when you saw a need, whether it was through making a visit or cleaning up after an event. Together we held the light and continued to provide a place of worship and ministry.

This interim period is coming to a close and we are now embarking on a new chapter as a church as we welcome Jake, Erin, and Logan. Continue the diligent effort you all put in during the time of interim. As we walk together in faith, we know that although the next chapter has yet to be written, our God will be walking with us.

Now, if I can just get through the Christmas season...