By Cass DuCharme  

Today is the day for showing our love to those who mean the most to us. It's Valentine's Day. Don't worry guys, if you're reading this at 1:00 when it's first posted, you've still got time to get a card and some flowers before you get home from work tonight. I took care of that a few days ago. In fact, Ruth and I celebrate our anniversary on the 24th, so I get to buy another card and some more flowers in a few days. Sorry to spoil the surprise, Ruth.



Just saying "Valentine's Day" brings to mind wonderful memories of cards given and received in grade school, of little candy hearts with sweet sayings on them, of romantic candlelit dinners, and saying those three little words to that special someone and hearing them said to you. For some, those three little words are hard to say, even to those closest to us.


I was raised in a very affectionate home. Hugs and kisses and saying "I love you," were daily occurrences for me. I didn't know that you weren't suppose to say "I love you" out loud to all the people you loved. I guess I didn't get the message, because I still do it today. Saying "I love you" comes naturally to me and I hope that it comes naturally to you, too.


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, the day that begins the season of Lent. We met in the chapel and received the ashes. We asked the Lord to forgive us of our sin and vowed to become more faithful in our living. We decided what we will give up or add to our lives over these forty days to show our love and faithfulness to Jesus and to remember the sacrifice he made on our behalf. As we embark on this season we call Lent, may we remember that Jesus loves us so much that he gave his very life for us. All he asks of us is to love him and love each other.


Today is Valentine's Day. I hope that you have a wonderful time expressing your love to those most dear to you. Giving cards, flowers, and candlelit dinners is a great way to express your love. But those three little words are really what they want to hear. And, during this season of Lent, don't forget to tell Jesus, "I love you," too.


By the way, "I love you."