By Carol Brown   



This week I have felt helpless in Macon. My son, Burgess, is on Spring Break in Austin, Texas, and he has come down with the flu. This is the high fever, chest-burning cough, congested head variety. The one that lands you flat on your back for days and leaves you begging to be at home in your own bed! But Burgess is in Austin and his bed and his mother are in Macon...feeling helpless.


I have texted and called often. I have offered advice and comfort. And I have prayed constantly, but I still feel helpless. Because of the distance between us, I am not able to take care of my child the way a mother should. I want to tuck him in bed with extra blankets, give him lots of Gatorade (with a straw), and make soup and toast for him. I want to keep an eye on his symptoms and take him to the doctor if a doctor's visit is needed. A mother can't always take care of her children the way a mother should.


I wonder if God ever feels that way. Maybe God wants to take care of us and shower us with grace and mercy, but because we have created distance between us, God is not able to take care of us, God's children, in the way a Heavenly Father should. When we build walls or move away from God, we miss out on God's comfort, sustenance, and wisdom.


I hope that during this time of Lent, you will bridge the distance and draw near to God, allowing God to offer you comfort, sustenance, and wisdom...blessings needed by us all...especially a helpless mother in Macon.