By Carol Brown


Have you ever wanted to be the first person to do something important? Maybe you dream of making the world a better place or maybe you just want to have a "claim to fame" by being the first at something. At Highland Hills, we have a long list of "firsts." Since our beginning sixty years ago, we have embarked on many new adventures, each one claiming a first person, first location, or first date for the new endeavor.


As you peruse through this partial list of some of the "firsts" of Highland Hills, let it encourage you to be grateful for those who have gone before, but also inspire you to join in the new ministries of Highland Hills today. As we worship together, serve together, and fellowship together, maybe you can go down in the history books as the first at something that makes the world, or at least our church, a better place.

  • First to sign the Scroll of Charter Members on Sunday, April 12, 1953: Mary and B. L. Register; youngest Charter Member: Kam Hatcher Cook
  • First person baptized: Kam Hatcher Cook on May 17, 1953; baptism was held at Ingleside Baptist Church
  • First church picnic, which was held at Stone Creek Lodge: May 27, 1953
  • First Communion Service: June 14, 1953
  • First Chairman of the Lord's Supper Committee, who continued to bake the communion bread for nearly 50 years: Edna Jones
  • First church office: located in Dr. and Mrs. Hatcher's basement
  • First Grounds Committee Chairman, who continued to serve for over 50 years: Mary Willingham
  • First church newsletter, called "The Informer," printed: August 13, 1953
  • First choir practice location: Frank and Mary Willingham's home on September 17, 1953
  • First Easter Sunrise Service held on the Briarcliff Road property: Easter Sunday, 1954
  • First Baby Dedication Service: July 11, 1954
  • First wedding in HHBC Chapel: Elsie Jones and A.W. Wade on May 29, 1955
  • First Vacation Bible School: July 20 - 29, 1955
  • First Live Nativity: December 1958
  • First worship service held in the newly built Sanctuary: September 10, 1967
  • First Jim Dandies meeting: July 1976
  • First edition of the revamped newsletter, named "Family Matters," printed: October 4, 1992
  • First Jubilate Festival Singers retreat: January 1994 
  • First woman ordained to ministry: Ruth DuCharme in 2002
  • First Passport Youth Mission Camp: June 27 - July 2, 2004
  • First international mission trip: Morocco, May 12 - 21, 2005
  • First Taize worship service: February 16, 2010