By Ruth DuCharme 


Every spring, since 1994, I have led our children's choir in presenting a musical for our congregation. Each musical has had its own favorite moments and songs, and each one has carried with it a biblical and spiritual lesson. When I started thinking back on the years of characters, songs, jokes, and dance routines, there were wonderful memories that came back to me.


There were memories of Hans Bronson, the brawny and strong Olympic hero who reminded us of the strength of God's love, and Dr. Newheart, the zany pediatrician who guided the children to think about their spiritual health. Many biblical characters have also crossed our stage, characters such as, Jonah, Nicodemus, and Esther.


I remember our children who sang solos for the first time in their lives, children who bravely took on big roles, and children who found their biblical heroes. There were memories of the numerous ways that we have transformed the chapel. Among its many transformations, it has been a jungle, an ocean, a lion's den and a fiery furnace.


This year while I am in the midst of rehearsals, set preparations, and prop gathering, I wonder to myself why we go to all of this trouble. But then a teenager will say to me, "Do you remember when we did 'Cool In the Furnace?'" Or I will overhear a group of children singing one of the songs of a musical from several years past. It is then that I remember how these stories stick with the children to shape their theology and strengthen their faith. It is those moments that make the hours of rehearsing and preparation all worthwhile.


This year our children are preparing to present the story of Mary and Martha. The chapel has been transformed into a biblical-style home. The songs have been rehearsed, and the lines have been memorized. All we need is you. We need you to come and enjoy the presentation with us. It will take place on Wednesday, May 8 at 6:45 p.m. in the chapel. After our presentation there will be a cookie fellowship in the courtyard. Come and enjoy the party with us.