By Carol Brown   



I have a heart for missions, but I also have a bad case of wanderlust--a desire to wander and travel and see new things. Because of these two passions, I am always ready for any opportunity to combine traveling and sharing the message of God's love.


Each month,  our preschoolers in Mission Friends hear stories about field personnel and churches on mission for God.  As I look through the teaching guide,  I find myself thinking, "How can I be a part of this ministry? How can I go to Helena, Arkansas, or Bali, or Macedonia to work alongside these wonderful people and experience all that they are experiencing?"


Of course, I can't go to all of the places that I read family and my bank account just would not allow it...but I have had many opportunities to satisfy my passion for missions. I joined with mission teams from Highland Hills as we brightened the lives of at-risk children by painting the cottages on the Morningstar campus, built a Fuller Center home for a family living in a shack in El Salvador, and put the finishing touches on a new home for a family left homeless by tornadoes in Alabama.


With each of these mission experiences, I am reminded of Jesus' words when he told Peter, "Feed my lambs" and "Take care of my sheep." One of the most important ways that we can show our love and devotion to God is by taking care of God's children in need. Also with each mission endeavor, my soul is refreshed by the strong bond that develops among fellow workers and the shared spirit of unity we find with the people that we serve.


This summer, I am looking forward to another chance to satisfy my wanderlust and also feed Christ's lambs. I will join a group of fellow church members as we journey to McDowell County, West Virginia, to offer hope and help to the poverty-stricken people in this area of rural Appalachia. No doubt, as we bond with each other as a team and create lasting friendships with the people that we serve, our spirits will be renewed.


If you have a heart for missions and a desire to feed Christ's lambs--or maybe even a touch of wanderlust--plan now to join us this summer, June 16 - 22, for the Summer Mission Trip to West Virginia. Blessings await you!